Shukri A Rasool

As someone whose life revolves around taking pictures, it is difficult to capture this animated personality in a few words or pin down the effervescent energy that is Shukri. Though an acclaimed commercial photographer, there is no field that has not been touched by the magic of this master. Shukri’s formula for work is that there is no formula! And yet all this creative energy is tempered with a consistent methodical approach that he applies to every project ensuring that each image is nothing short of perfect.

Over two decades and a diverse clientele later, Shukri is an established name in the GCC and the Middle East. A savvy businessman, he sensed the changing needs of the industry and evolved from being only a photographer to a provider of design solutions with respect to a client’s image needs. Change is the only constant, and Shukri thrives on it; whether it is in the variety of subjects he tackles, or in the different styles he employs.

This multi-talented photographer straddles the world of fashion, portraiture or industrial with equal ease and his clients range from Print Media, Corporates to Ad agencies and even Exhibitions, revealing a far wider spectrum of interests.

Shukri’s most compelling quality is the zeal and energy he brings to a shoot as any of his clients will vouch for. His unique approach is paring down a subject to its bare minimum, where less is more and there are few barriers between an artist and his subject. To him that is when one sees what there is to see, when a moment becomes a life time!

But not one to rest on his laurels, Shukri’s thirst for knowledge and new techniques remains unsatiated as he constantly seeks to invest his time and energy into honing his dynamic craft. There is little doubt that photography for Shukri is not just a career but an over-riding passion for life.